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How to Order

Let's have fun and help you build your perfect Remixx creation!

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Everything starts with vanilla ice cream

(we do not have other ice cream flavors but there is a dairy free option)

Step 1: Would you like a Cup, Cone or MixxShake?


Starts at $6

Starts at $7

Starts at $6.50

Step 2: Pick Your Cereal

1 Selection Included in Base Price. Additional are $.50 each

Apple Jacks

Eggo Waffle

Cap’n Crunch Berries

Churro Cereal

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Cocoa Krispies

Cocoa Puffs

Cookie Crisps

Frosted Flakes

Fruity Pebbles

Fruit Loops

Golden Grahams

Honey Nut Cheerios

Lucky Charms

Reese's PB Cup

Step 3: Pick Your MixxIns

2 Selections Included in Base Price. Additional are $.50 each

Animal Cookies


Brownie Bites

Brown Sugar Pop Tart


Cheesecake Pieces

Chocoloate Covered Pretzels

Cookie Dough

Crunch Coat

Charm Marshmallows

Frozen strawberries

Golden Oreos

Kit Kat

Reese Cups



S'more Bites


Strawberry Pop Tart

Teddy Grahams

Vanilla Wafers

Step 4: Pick Your Drizzle

1 Selection Included in Base Price. Additional are $.50 each


Chocolate Dip

Cotton Candy Dip




Peanut Butter

Whipped Cream

Top 10 Playlist Items 

Perfect for the first-timers or the un-deciders! Let the MixxMasters work their magic!

Cardi B

Honey Nut Cheerios, Golden Grahams , Bananas, Honey Drizzle


Churro Cereal, Brown Sugar PopTart, Pretzel, Caramel Drizzle

Spice Up Your Life

Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cheesecake Bites, Vanilla Wafers, Honey Drizzle

Dough Shorty It's Yo Birthday

Cookie Crisp Cereal, Cookie Dough, Sprinkles, Whipped Cream

Strawberry Fields Forever

Frosted Flakes, Frozen Strawberries, Cheesecake Bites, Whipped Cream

Gimme Gimme S'more

Cocoa Krispies, Teddy grahams, S’more Bites, Marshmallow Drizzle

Livin' La Vida Mocha

Cocoa Puffs, Cocoa Krispies, Scoot Cold Brew, Chocolate Drizzle

The 90's Kid

Fruity Pebbles, Fruit Loops, Strawberry Poptart, Cotton Candy Dip

Cleveland Shuffle

Reese PB Cereal, Brownie Bites , Crunch Coat (on top), Peanut Butter Drizzle

Stroop Doggy Dog

Eggo Waffle Cereal, Golden Grahams, Vanilla Wafers, Caramel Drizzle

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